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VITAMIB is positioned at the core of the European innovation strategy by organizing training sessions, and by providing expertise, services and tools for the design and management of projects, as well as support in all the fields of innovation financed by the European commission, European and national agencies.

VITAMIB has the advantage of integrating rapidly its expertise into its services and tools. VITAMIB also incorporates the experience cumulated through more than 100  projects submitted and the support of more than 4000 users, with whom it has developed relationships based on trust and confidentiality.


History & experience


VITAMIB was established in 1999, in response to the European commission's encouragement to give a wide access to its innovation management methodology and tools. The tools proposed in the projects coordinated by the founder of VITAMIB were developed and validated in several success stories of the European R&D projects led by the University Joseph Fourier and by the CNRS in Grenoble (France). Since 1999, VITAMIB has rapidly integrated specialists in innovation funding in order to propose web-based tools and consultancy services for the strategic, scientific, technical and financial design of RDI projects as well as professional management, collaborative work and scientific, technical and financial reporting. VITAMIB's tools and services are fully in line with the constant evolving rules of the European Commission.


Quality assurance


VITAMIB works within a quality assurance and monitoring approach supported by concrete tools.

Concerning the procedures, all activities are monitored upon a project method, using Project Netboard our own management software tool, -which includes Gantt and Pert Diagrams. This method sets out the classification of the activities, their planning and the monitoring of their realization in accordance to ISO 9001, including the anticipation of activities, the description of achieved actions (through daily timesheets in hours). Finally, we undertake a retrospective analysis of what has been undertaken according the "Plan-Do-Check Act". The results and activity report are monthly presented and evaluated during the executive board meeting.

Regarding the management procedures of the documents generated by our services, they are based on layout tools specific to each practice (innovation strategy audit, collaborative project design, and project management, reporting and training). These documents are constantly updated during the regular meetings of knowledge management of the company.

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Training sessions
  VITAMIB offers training and coaching sessions to allow your team to master all or part of project construction and project management processes and requirements in research, development and innovation programmes.
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  Ever since Vitamib was created, we have been developing web-based tools dedicated to the construction and management of research and innovation projects. With more than 4,000 users throughout Europe, PROJECT NETBOARD and HOME NETBOARD are widely praised for their added-value to projects.
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